Welcome to Naturally Special Farm

We are a local family farm, specializing in 100% natural and GMO free poultry, beef, and produce.

Organic? Really?

Yes. After our family needed to purge our bodies of most pesticides and preservatives because of a health issue with our son, we began on this journey in raising our own food. In becoming more self-sustaining, we discovered that others wanted what we had, and were willing to pay for it. So here we are, with our own farm.

A bit about us

We are a Christian family and are devoted to following Gods instructions. Genesis 1 tells us man was created from the earth. We still come from the earth (or soil). EVERYTHING we consume ultimately comes from the soil. Considering this, we believe, our bodies can only do as well as the quality we put in it. If our food is un-natural, un-loved, poorly cared for, over worked or even abused this has to be what our body's will become.

Our Mission

Here at Naturally Special Farm the up most care is taken to make sure that our livestock is treated with respect and dignity from beginning to end. We provide for them and in turn they provide for us. All our animals are allowed ample pasture in which to graze, 24hr access to feed and plenty of fresh clean water. We feed only 100% natural and GMO free.

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